What You Get

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A parade of cars caravan around your marketplace!

Meet Mary 2Our typical package includes 2 to 3 cars plus 1 truck. No minimums are required to book our events. With this flexibility you can choose the number and types of vehicles you wish and specify the amount of hours to advertise. We can adhere to any budget and promote any event any day of the week.

Typically included with your package:

  • Car Topper Vehicles displaying large 4 sided 4’x3′ ads.
  • 1 Full Sized Truck with a Car Topper above the cab and an amazing triangle of signs affixed to the bed, including 2 faces displaying 5’x10′ banners and the rear face displaying a 53″ x 60″ ad.
  • All vehicles caravan around town for 5 hours each day. A typical promotion runs Thursday¬†through Sunday.
  • Add road signs and sign walkers and really sizzle!