How It Works

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Meet Mary 3Got It Mobile Advertising offers huge local impact with immediate impulse promotion! Our mobile ads have proven to be much more powerful than traditional radio, news and television advertising. Your customers are already out, about and in your area, thusly you are capturing an already captive audience!

Signs sell, we all know that, But these signs won’t get you a nasty ticket in the process! Just lots and lots of impulse infected buyers walking around your sales floor. Imagine a parade of cars that caravan around the community promoting your sales event. It’s less expensive than billboard trucks and you don’t have to share your advertising space.

Use these trucks as a stand alone promotion or add community signs and sign walkers for a bigger pop. Think outside the box and sell, sell, sell with this ingenious new marketing tool! With your imagination and our ad design knowledge and expertise we can work together to develop a mobile ad scheme that is sure to greatly increase your sales. With over 3500+ satisfied customers, we should know!

Got It Mobile Advertising will utilize our mobile vehicle billboard ads and sign walkers (optional) to advertise your business within a 3 to 15 mile radius of your location. Why? Because studies have shown that 80% to 90% of your business generates from this area.


Why does it work?

The physics behind why our form of advertising works so well are simple. We are capturing an already captive audience! Repetition, frequency and local branding play a large role in delivering your message over and over again, in a fun, friendly and attention getting format.

Unlike traditional forms of advertising media, your message isn’t tuned out or turned down by inattentive viewers / listeners, looked over or lost in the confusion of a newspaper or mailer ad, nor do you have to share ad space on an ineffective billboard truck. Bottom line, Got It Mobile Advertising simply works! Our ads generate interest and curiosity by keeping your message consistent and noticeable.

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